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The International Goal-Oriented Care Learning Collaborative

The International Goal-Oriented Care Learning Collaborative (GOCLC) seeks to advance the adoption of Goal-Oriented Care in practice through convening care providers, health care system leaders, and researchers working to transform health systems.

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What is Goal-Oriented Care?

Goal-oriented health care, also known as goal-directed health care, goal-oriented medical care, and patient priorities care, is a form of health care delivery that is based on achieving individualized goals that are created through collaborative conversations between patients and providers in health care settings. It is a form of Person-Centered Care as the goals are unique to the individual and direct the plan of care. This is in contrast to problem-oriented or disease-driven care where the focus is on correcting biological abnormalities (i.e. for a patient with diabetes focusing on control of the hemoglobin A1c). This philosophy of practice is become attractive in the medical community especially in primary care practices worldwide.


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The ePRO tool supports goal setting and proactive health monitoring by the individual, caregivers, and health care providers.

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